Portia the SPCA Rescue Dog

//Portia the SPCA Rescue Dog

Portia the SPCA Rescue Dog

P. had had spinal surgery. Several months later she was incontinent and had very little use of her hind legs. Her person took her for walks in a stroller. P. said she really didn’t like the stroller. She was a terrier, and she wanted to be on the ground to sniff and poke her nose into things! I recommended a course of homeopathics to restore some of the nerve damage, and a course of exercises, first just walking a few steps outside, then back home again. Then a few more, until she could get to the neighbor’s house. Now she is trotting around the house and around the neighborhood. Her incontinence has improved to about 80-90 percent, and her only “accidents” are when she gets overly excited.

[blockquote]I adopted my dog Portia from the SPCA. She is blind and deaf. Shortly after her adoption, she had a severe spinal cord injury. After surgery and many months of rehabilitation she regained limited ability to walk (up to 50% normal).

Portia also was suffering from urinary incontinence, and was uncomfortable around other animals and people.
I scheduled a session with Adrienne Herman and the following things happened:

-Portia became much more relaxed around people and dogs.
-Portia’s urinary incontinence improved significantly.

-Portia’s strength, stability and walking improved to about 80%.
-Portia seems much more content, affectionate and at peace.

Portia shared her feelings and needs with Adrienne. This has given her more security and confidence. I can now be a better provider/friend and she feels loved and heard.
I plan to schedule follow up sessions with Adrienne to ensure that Portia’s emotional and physical health continues to be supported. A relaxed, happy dog is a healthy dog!!

-Edmond Benech [/blockquote]

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  1. Auth May 12, 2012 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    She’s the dog of some family frdiens. An absolute crack-up. When she sees me she runs to me as fast as she can and just before she crashes into me she flips herself onto her back so I can rub her belly. Just adorable.

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