Tamu and Pendo The Rhodesian Ridgebacks

//Tamu and Pendo The Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Tamu and Pendo The Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Though these two Rhodesian Ridgebacks are about the same age, Tamu came first then Pendo was adopted about a year ago. Pendo had a really rough life before being adopted into his forever home. He had no training and no manners. Tamu was afraid of Pendo and they never played together. This was their status when I met them, except Pendo had learned some manners with humans. Now it is gratifying to see that the boys are best buds.


Tamu has been with us since he was a puppy; Pendo came to us as a rescue. It took them awhile to settle in to sharing a home, and things were still sometimes a little tense until we met Adrienne. She got Pendo to open up and tell her his life story, and she guided us all to a better understanding of one another. Pendo and Tamu have learned how to communicate better with each other, and they’ve become best friends. I’ve gained a better understanding of their emotional needs as well.

-Deborah Blankenberg



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