Lily the Airedale

//Lily the Airedale

Lily the Airedale

Lily the Airedale was attacked by two dogs, and has been aggressive with other dogs. She has suffered from having her spine misaligned, was shaky in her limbs, and generally appeared to be defensive and on alert when we met. She has had digestive tract problems as well.

She is now getting along with other dogs, gaining strength in her body, and is one of the sweetest beings I have met in a long time!


Hi Adrienne,

Lily hiked 2.5 miles with me yesterday and about 3 miles today with Hector (Dad’s dog) urging her on!

I think Lily has dramatically improved and I really hope we can hold this improvement steady for several months so she can regain her health.  I have been so worried about her and am deeply appreciative of your help, caring and concern.  Lily does indeed appear to be crawling out of an abyss and I hope we can keep her from falling back into it.  She is cheerful and very good natured now, it’s great to see her starting to resemble her old self!

Thank you so much. I truly believe we could not have made this improvement without your guidance.

– Christi


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