Fizzy’s Story

//Fizzy’s Story

Fizzy’s Story

This dog’s person was quite unsure of whether  this was the right dog for her. And was not confident that her training methods were working with him.  He (dog) and his guides had a lot to say about why they were so perfect for each other and how this family (husband, wife, dog) really belonged to each other!

“I wasn’t really expecting much to happen. I’m not unfamiliar with the various alternative treatment modalities as well as the world of psychic readers, energy workers and communicators. Much as I would like to believe every person I have gone to or known on a personal level has a genuine gift, much of the time I find that they are well-­‐intentioned but way off base, if not outright ridiculously wrong. I decided to have Adrienne Herman do a reading on my dog, just to see what she said. Like I mentioned already, I didn’t expect much, but I knew she was not going to hurt him or tell me something horrible. She is just too kind a person to be a clod. To my immense surprise, something happened in that room. About 20 minutes into our session my restless young dog suddenly lay down, leaning into Adrienne’s hands. Simultaneously they both had the same focused but serene expressions and I felt, rather than saw, some kind of shimmering form in the room. I don’t know how else to explain it. It was like the room filled with beings that I knew were there but I could not see. The effect on my dog was immediate and he stopped all fidgeting for the remainder of the session. What I learned through Adrienne came not from my current dog, but from my deceased dog, an old soul, and one whose advice I listened to carefully. Adrienne was the channel for this meeting and I am so very grateful for that. Any concerns I had about my current dog were put to rest and he was able to better understand my expectations and all too human frustrations with his teenage self.

I came from this session with a new-­‐found appreciation for Adrienne’s gifts and I can tell you that she has worked to hone them in order to better serve all who seek. You have nothing to lose by trying it.”


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