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Fizzy’s Story

This dog's person was quite unsure of whether  this was the right dog for her. And was not confident that her training methods were working with him.  He (dog) and his guides had a lot to say about why they were so perfect for each other and how this family (husband, wife, dog) really belonged [...]

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Lily the Airedale

Lily the Airedale was attacked by two dogs, and has been aggressive with other dogs. She has suffered from having her spine misaligned, was shaky in her limbs, and generally appeared to be defensive and on alert when we met. She has had digestive tract problems as well. She is now getting along with other [...]

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HARRY (The Dog Genius) PART TWO

HARRY (The Dog Genius) PART TWO I met Harry’s female human, Linda, when she was visiting a friend of mine in California. Harry was home in Texas. Linda didn’t know me and didn’t know I worked with dogs. She started showing me photos on her phone of all the dogs she had met in Carmel. [...]

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HARRY HOUDINI (The Dog Genius) PART ONE Harry’s people named him Harry before they brought him home from the shelter…before they found out that Harry is some kind of doggy genius. They brought him home and put him in a crate. He escaped. They got a stronger crate. He escaped. They got a stronger crate [...]

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Tamu and Pendo The Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Though these two Rhodesian Ridgebacks are about the same age, Tamu came first then Pendo was adopted about a year ago. Pendo had a really rough life before being adopted into his forever home. He had no training and no manners. Tamu was afraid of Pendo and they never played together. This was their status [...]

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Corky the Dog

C. was rescued from the Animal Shelter. He was clearly attached to his human who rescued him. She came to see me because “he wants to make himself invisible.” C. told me his story in graphic detail. It was gruesome, and I shall not repeat it here. Before someone found him on the streets in [...]

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Portia the SPCA Rescue Dog

P. had had spinal surgery. Several months later she was incontinent and had very little use of her hind legs. Her person took her for walks in a stroller. P. said she really didn’t like the stroller. She was a terrier, and she wanted to be on the ground to sniff and poke her nose [...]

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