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It’s a given that you are a person who truly loves your dog. Of course you only want the best for him or her. We all wish our dogs could talk to us, tell us what hurts, tell us what they want. They give us that look, and we know they’re trying to tell us something. Here is your opportunity to get answers.

Find out if and why your dog…

  • Won’t stop snuggling and licking your face
  •  Hates to be touched by strangers
  •  Is afraid of other dogs
  • Doesn’t much like people wearing hats
  • Has food sensitivities
  •  Is really sluggish after a little exercise
  • Has too much energy all day long
  • Is happy, sad, frustrated or in pain
  • Is afraid to be left alone
  • Doesn’t listen to you
  • Has other issues you want to know more about

You’ll leave with…

• A deeper understanding of your dog
• A plan to make things better


Office visit

Appointments are generally an hour long, but initial appointments can be longer or shorter, depending on you and your 4-legged’s needs and issues.  My goal is always to help as many as possible!

In office sessions OR Remote (by phone) sessions:

One Hour for $120 (limited scholarships available)

Initial appointments usually run between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. We can adjust time to fit your budget, if necessary.

House calls run $10-$30 extra depending on distance.  I work both in Carmel and San Francisco, and remotely by phone.

Call for an appointment: 831-624-8000

Office Location

San Carlos 2 NW of 8th
(next to Linens and Such)
Carmel, CA 93921

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1383
Carmel, CA 93921