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I balance dogs (and other four-leggeds) physically, emotionally, and energetically… I translate for humans. It’s a given that you are a person who truly loves your dog. Of course you only want the best for him or her. We all wish our dogs could talk to us, tell us what hurts, tell us what they want. They give us that look, and we know they’re trying to tell us something. Here is your opportunity to get answers. Read more…
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I came from this session with a new-­‐found appreciation for Adrienne’s gifts and I can tell you that she has worked to hone them in order to better serve all who seek. You have nothing to lose by trying it.


Adrienne Herman is a truly gifted being…She is restoring emotional health, and bringing joy and peace to our canine companions!!! Heston and I are so grateful to have her in our lives!!!

Stephanie Besmehn



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