Heston the Chihuahua

//Heston the Chihuahua

Heston the Chihuahua

H. was very ill. His vet prescribed medication for bronchitis. When I saw him, his bronchitis was gone, but he was in terrible pain. Since he was seeing his vet regularly, I recommended some homeopathics to ease the pain and give him some comfort. He relaxed a little, and got some rest but wasn’t well yet. In fact, he was becoming more and more constipated. Two days later was two days too long and the vet only recommended adding pumpkin to his diet. H. said he couldn’t take this much longer, and needed help! I drove H. and his human (who needed to hold H. in the car) to Pacific Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Santa Cruz where they immediately took x-rays, confirmed that he was dangerously constipated, and then cleared his elimination tract with an enema and relieved him of his excrutiating pain. Over the next two days, as he regained his strength, H.’s joy in living, along with his human’s, returned! He is once again a happy healthy dog.

[blockquote]My beloved chihuahua Heston, has been meeting with Adrienne Herman regularly for quite some time…It all began when Heston fell down a flight of stairs (I was holding him at the time and accidentally dropped him). Although he was not physically injured, I wanted to make sure he did not suffer any emotional trauma… We met with Adrienne, and Heston was able to share his feelings and his needs!!! Adrienne became his voice!!!! With each follow up session, Heston grew happier!!! He was finally being truly heard!!! Our bond grew even stronger!!!

Recently when Heston became very ill, all tests and exams performed by our vet failed to diagnose the cause of his dis-ease (a month and a half long process)…
We scheduled a session with Adrienne, and Heston shared his symptoms and their cause with her…Adrienne recommended a plan of action which included a visit to emergency care….Heston’s health was restored within 2 days!!! A Miracle!!!

Adrienne Herman is a truly gifted being…She is restoring emotional health, and bringing joy and peace to our canine companions!!! Heston and I are so grateful to have her in our lives!!!

–Stephanie Besmehn[/blockquote]

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