Corky the Dog

//Corky the Dog

Corky the Dog

C. was rescued from the Animal Shelter. He was clearly attached to his human who rescued him. She came to see me because “he wants to make himself invisible.” C. told me his story in graphic detail. It was gruesome, and I shall not repeat it here. Before someone found him on the streets in terrible condition, he had been homeless for about 6 months. Once she knew what he’d experienced, it was much easier for C.’s person to understand him. We put him on a course of homeopathics to help him put the past behind him, become more courageous, less fearful, and more trusting. He is doing considerably better now.

[blockquote]We are all doing very well. My bond with Corky is very deep. We are really in tune with one another. He is much calmer and the world seems like a much less frightening place for him. He is relaxed now in ways that. He was not before. His “magic water” has really helped. Dan was touched by what I told him. He still confuses Corky sometimes but the “he scares me sometimes” factor (in Corky’s mind) is gone.

It’s all good. Thank you so much!

-Sheila Williams[/blockquote]

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  1. reeta May 11, 2012 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    That dog looks too healthy to have been at sea with no food for 3 weeks. Still its a lucky dog ^_^ Hope it finds a happy home with lnivog kids and dies after a long happy life and in a peaceful sleep. They should name it lucky.

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