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//Dog Aromatherapy

Dog Aromatherapy

Love your aromatherapy scents? Think how much your dogs, with their great noses, would also love the appropriate scent.

Now you can see me for a brief, 20- minute appointment, $15, and find out which aromatherapy blend is right for your dog! Come in for a quick and non-invasive, painless muscle testing, then walk a few doors down the block to ECO CARMEL to purchase the right blend! Or determine what kind of custom blend needs to be created, and have that blend sent to you quickly and easily by mail or arrange to pick it up from my office in a few days time!

I have been collaborating with Cheryl Beller, creator of Well Scents to find the right blends for the right dogs.┬áSo far, Cheryl has created “Happy Dog” “Calm Dog” “Relaxed Dog” “Vet Blend #1” “Vet Blend #2” , and these come in oils to apply on the fur in specific places, on bedding, in the car, and in sprays or drops.┬áSometimes it is very counterintuitive to determine which scent is best. (For example, people have thought that their dog would need the Happy Blend when they really needed the Calm Blend, and visa versa). And sometimes none of the above are exactly correct and a custom blend needs to be developed for a particular dog/particular issue.

Cheryl and I have had great success using both the pre-blended mixes and the custom blends. I am able to muscle-test the dogs to determine which is the best for them. If a custom blend is needed, I can explain the need in such a way that Cheryl can create a very nice match. We have done the custom blending with a very frightened cat, and with a dog with not enough self-control!
If you’re even a little bit intrigued with this idea, come on in. The price can’t be beat, and this offer won’t last forever!
Hope to see you and your 4-legged soon!

A. Herman Dog Therapist
P.S. Look for the next blog post, “Dogs That Pull,” in February

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