A letter from an Arabian Horse Owner

//A letter from an Arabian Horse Owner

A letter from an Arabian Horse Owner


The General, a five year old Arabian was a race horse before he became Cheryl’s companion. He was very difficult to handle in the ring. He told me quite clearly that he didn’t understand why he couldn’t do a full out gallop. His desire was to run again. Now he can.


I fell compelled to write a testimonial about your services. I know that you mainly work with dogs, but you were kind enough to communicate with my Arabian horse, General, and give me messages about his needs and desires. This information stayed on my mind for several months while I looked for a trainer who could help me fulfill his needs.  His main request was that I “just ride him” which, considering that he is an ex-racehorse and I am NOT a jockey, seemed a daunting request.

However, I kept an open mind, and continued to search for a trainer who could help me better meet his needs in a setting that was safe for both of us. I finally found that trainer and, with her assistance, made a huge breakthrough this last weekend. General and I were one as rode the arena – truly riding together at his level of energy, but in a fashion that kept both of us safe. I could feel his satisfaction, and I was delighted with the unity we experienced.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in helping us reach this new level together. I look forward to our rides together like never before and, even better, I believe he does as well.

Cheryl, Pacific Grove CA


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