Featured in Women in the Pet Industry’s Winter Biz Book 2013

//Featured in Women in the Pet Industry’s Winter Biz Book 2013

Featured in Women in the Pet Industry’s Winter Biz Book 2013


When She Listens, Dogs Heal

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It’s those enviable dog-like qualities – loyalty, listening, and being there when someone’s in need – that make dog therapist Adrienne Herman so very good at her job. A 35-year veteran in the field, Adrienne loves learning from her four-legged clients as much as she does helping them.

“Each and every encounter,” says Adrienne, “with a new creature is a learning opportunity. Additionally I attend workshops, study independently and talk to as many people from as many disciplines as possible. Last week it was an ER veterinarian, who started an amazing non-profit. But most of our conversation was about how we treat allergies in dogs. I find that I can never know enough. There is always so much more to learn. And so many dogs to teach me!”

Her approach and abilities are unique – but not unusual. It turns out, Adrienne says, “that the newest research confirms what I’ve been doing intuitively. It is so wonderful to know the science behind intuitive healing!”

Adrienne, whose business is based in Carmel, California, believes her success equates to all of her clients’ successes. “In almost all cases, my clients leave with a plan, and that plan is completely and totally unique to them,” says Adrienne. “I suppose my clients are happy, because I am able to customize what I do to fit each individual — four- or two-legged.”

Here’s A Window Into The Kind

Of  Healing Adrienne Brings: “Charlie was a young (under 2 years old) male yellow Lab that had broken his leg. He was going to be euthanized, but Lab Rescue pulled him. He went to our local vet for surgery. Charlie had to stay cooped up in a small kennel 24/7, with only potty breaks, so that his leg would heal. Problem was, it didn’t heal, so after six weeks of being confined, this very rambunctious youngster had a second surgery, and a second go-round of six weeks of confinement to allow the leg to heal.

“Lab Rescue called me in, and I made several suggestions of alternative therapies including aroma therapy and flower essences. We changed his diet to one that worked better for him, and to bring him into better balance. This gave the staff and rescue some hope of introducing a calm, manageable Charlie to potential adopters. It worked! The vet’s people followed my recommendations, and Charlie was adopted by a wonderful family. Win-win-win!”

Rescuing The Rescued

When rescue groups call her, Adrienne is quick to step in and help them in whatever ways she can. “I get tremendous joy from this work,” she adds with enthusiasm.

Genuine success, believes Adrienne, would be seeing lots and lots and lots of balanced dogs and other animals, including their humans. “I’d be out of business, which would be amazing,” says Adrienne with poise and charm. “I’d just get to play with them all!” It’s no surprise to learn that Adrienne has been involved with animals since she was a youngster. “I got my first dog when I was 5. This was way before leash laws. He would escape home and come find me at school a couple of miles away. He taught me so much.”

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