Create a Wellness Baseline

//Create a Wellness Baseline

Create a Wellness Baseline

It’s always a good idea to have a baseline.  In future, you can revisit this baseline to determine if and how much things might have changed. (I recommend getting a baseline by way of a simple blood test from your vet whenever you get a new addition to your pet family.)  The one attached here was created my me for you, and is to deal with those areas not necessarily covered in a vet exam or a blood test!  It’s a good starting place to record where your pet stands today in terms of physical, behavioral, emotional, cognitive and other scales which are often only noted when they reach extremes!  Please remember to DATE your baseline, so you know when you recorded your notes and observations!!!

Click on the link below to download this baseline template.  Congratulations on taking care of business!!!

Your Wellness Baseline

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