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 Adrienne Herman, Animal Communicator

Animal Therapist specializing in cats, dogs, horses, goats, rabbits, rats, and just about any mammal, and some amphibians.

Who am I?

I’m an intuitive healer and animal communicator.  I listen to other species, who share all sorts of information with me.  I use what they say, and what I sense/feel in their bodies to give you more information and to help devise a plan if there are issues in need of addressing. Communication works two ways, and I also give your non-human more information from you, or suggestions from me, where appropriate. My goal is always to improve and/or clarify communications between you and your 4-leggeds, and also to bring about as much balance as possible, both in body and mind and spirit.
For over 35 years I have been working to bring about more comfort to all.  This covers issues from all phases of life, from what happened in utero or infancy or before you two met each other, to end of life issues, to everything in between, and sometimes, beyond.
I LOVE other species!! And I think the best people are those who love and respect other species, not just dogs. I begged for a dog and finally got a puppy when she was 5. That pup became my constant companion, escaping from home and showing up at school to find me at random times of day (before leash laws)! He was so connected to me and taught me so much about dogs! That was over 50 years ago.
I feel that this is true of most, if not all of our interactions and experiences with other species.  I am not a trainer or a behaviorist.  I am a listener, communicator, and therapist.  This means I can help you to understand your 4-legged better.
About cats, horses, goats, rats, etc.:  I half grew up on a farm.  That means lots of experience with all of these other friends as well as the many dogs I lived with throughout my life.  I milked cows, had my own calf, rode horses, talked with the goats and the cats.  Then, when my kids were growing up, there were plenty of domestic rats and birds and a few reptiles and amphibians in the house.  (Children’s allergies prevented us from having cats in the house with us or they would have been represented as well.)
All of this experience means that I can help you to understand your 4-legged better.  You’ll learn what you can do to make your relationship together a happier and healthier one.

Who are you?

You are an animal lover who would like to know more about what your pet or companion is thinking or feeling. You are a dog lover who would like to know more about what your dog is thinking or feeling. Does he really want to kill the cat next door? Why’d she chew up that shoe? What happens to him when the doorbell rings? What does she think when I go on vacation? When kids come to visit? You want to know if s/he could be happier or healthier. You are curious about past experiences. If your 4-legged is rescued, you would, perhaps, like to know more about what happened before. If your 4-legged is quirky, you may want to know what prompts that funny behavior. You may want to know if the food you are feeding is the best, or if there are any allergies in your environment, and what to do about them. You may be curious about who your dog thinks is the boss. You may wish for your 4-legged to be less fearful or less possessive or more approachable. If your 4-legged is prone to ear or eye infections or muscle sprains or skin or digestive issues, for example, you want to know what you can do to make things better. I can help.

What I do

I will answer your questions by finding out what your 4-legged has to say about these matters and more. I will, when appropriate, recommend one or more of the following: changes in diet, treatment with homeopathics, treatment with flower essences, treatment with aromatherapy, further training with a qualified and well-matched trainer or behaviorist, or that you see a qualified veterinarian for testing or medication, among other courses of action. I will always leave you with more information than before we met, and with a clear plan of action.

What we do together

Meet… How long this takes varies.  An initial appointment can run from about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I will leave you with a plan for follow up when you leave.  Take out:” Allow me to email, phone, or text you after you’ve left..” Oftentimes your 4-legged will send me more information after you’ve left, even though we are not in the same physical space, so I may contact you via text or email or phone to share additional input.  In addition, I ask that you let me know via text, phone, or email messages, how things are going, and that you report any questions or changes.  If there is anything to adjust, we can do it this way.  We can also decide if a follow-up appointment is a good idea.  My ideal client is one who will stay in touch and let me know how any recommended changes work out!  This is an interactive experience for all of us, and more information tends to bring about the best results.