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Adrienne Herman, Animal Communicator

Animal Therapist specializing in cats, dogs, horses, goats, rabbits, rats, and just about any mammal, and some amphibians.

Adrienne, Animal Communicator, the Animal Communicator, is a serious animal lover like you. She begged for a dog and finally got a puppy when she was 5. That pup became her constant companion, escaping from home and showing up at school to find her at random times of day (before leash laws)! He was so connected to Adrienne and taught her so much about dogs! That was over 50 years ago.

There have been many dogs since then, all of them great teachers! Along the way, Adrienne learned how to “listen” to the dogs. They had a lot to say! There were a lot of rescue dogs who shared their lives with her. Their stories were complex and their health was often compromised. Adrienne learned how best to help them, with alternative healing practices, including homeopathy, flower remedies, scent therapy, and sometimes even with music. She also learned to know when to send a dog to a veterinarian, or a vet specialist, and when other specialists might be of most help, people such as acupuncturists, behaviorists, and trainers, among others.

Adrienne believes that when circumstances are right, dogs are able to connect with us and we with them in such a way that wonderously profound relationships are created. It is her privilege to use her abilities so that questions get answered, health improves, limitations are understood, and relationships deepen and flourish!