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National Dog Day is Today

If you are considering adding to your family, please think about adopting from your local shelter or adopting or fostering from your local rescue organization! When you do, receive a 25% discount on an appointment with me, either in person or remote (by phone)!!!

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Dog Aromatherapy

Love your aromatherapy scents? Think how much your dogs, with their great noses, would also love the appropriate scent. Now you can see me for a brief, 20- minute appointment, $15, and find out which aromatherapy blend is right for your dog! Come in for a quick and non-invasive, painless muscle testing, then walk a [...]

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Corky the Dog

C. was rescued from the Animal Shelter. He was clearly attached to his human who rescued him. She came to see me because “he wants to make himself invisible.” C. told me his story in graphic detail. It was gruesome, and I shall not repeat it here. Before someone found him on the streets in [...]

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Portia the SPCA Rescue Dog

P. had had spinal surgery. Several months later she was incontinent and had very little use of her hind legs. Her person took her for walks in a stroller. P. said she really didn’t like the stroller. She was a terrier, and she wanted to be on the ground to sniff and poke her nose [...]

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Heston the Chihuahua

H. was very ill. His vet prescribed medication for bronchitis. When I saw him, his bronchitis was gone, but he was in terrible pain. Since he was seeing his vet regularly, I recommended some homeopathics to ease the pain and give him some comfort. He relaxed a little, and got some rest but wasn’t well [...]

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