Kitten and Puppy Fosters Needed!

The SPCA for Monterey County is looking for more foster families to help raise the hundreds of kittens that come into our care. Right now, loving SPCA Foster Friends are caring for 48 underage kittens and puppies, and we still have an additional 70 kittens and puppies at our shelter being raised by compassionate SPCA [...]

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Fizzy’s Story

This dog's person was quite unsure of whether  this was the right dog for her. And was not confident that her training methods were working with him.  He (dog) and his guides had a lot to say about why they were so perfect for each other and how this family (husband, wife, dog) really belonged [...]

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Lily the Airedale

Lily the Airedale was attacked by two dogs, and has been aggressive with other dogs. She has suffered from having her spine misaligned, was shaky in her limbs, and generally appeared to be defensive and on alert when we met. She has had digestive tract problems as well. She is now getting along with other [...]

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Carmel woman acts as go-between for pets, people

By KATHRYN McKENZIE Herald Correspondent POSTED:   03/27/2014 08:35:50 PM PDT1 COMMENT| UPDATED:   ABOUT 8 HOURS AGO Click photo to enlarge Carmel dog therapist Adrienne Herman works with Daisy, an American field... (VERN FISHER/The Herald) In the movies, Dr. Dolittle has no trouble talking to the animals, but for the rest of us it's not [...]

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