Create a Wellness Baseline

It's always a good idea to have a baseline.  In future, you can revisit this baseline to determine if and how much things might have changed. (I recommend getting a baseline by way of a simple blood test from your vet whenever you get a new addition to your pet family.)  The one attached here was created my me for [...]

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The Weekly Best of Monterey County 2014

The poll ends in little over 5 hours!  Late notice!  If you'd like to vote for me, follow the link below: You can write me in under Best Alternative Health Care Provider: A. Herman Dog Therapist Remember, you must vote in at least 25 categories for your vote to count!

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Adrienne Herman, Dog Therapist on Simple Life Radio Oct 19, 2013

"Adrienne likes balance, and her business is balance between animals and their human caregivers and balance within the animals themselves.  She enjoys making the connections that result in better health and harmony.  With stories of humor and intrigue, she shares practical techniques for our listeners.  Her additional community contribution is with Sustainable Carmel, whose goal [...]

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