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“I think Lily has dramatically improved and I really hope we can hold this improvement steady for several months so she can regain her health.  I have been so worried about her and am deeply appreciative of your help, caring and concern.  Lily does indeed appear to be crawling out of an abyss and I hope we can keep her from falling back into it.  She is cheerful and very good natured now, it’s great to see her starting to resemble her old self!  Thank you so much. I truly believe we could not have made this improvement without your guidance.”
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“I came from this session with a new-­‐found appreciation for Adrienne’s gifts and I can tell you that she has worked to hone them in order to better serve all who seek. You have nothing to lose by trying it.”
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“Adrienne Herman is a truly gifted being…She is restoring emotional health, and bringing joy and peace to our canine companions!!! Heston and I are so grateful to have her in our lives!!!”
-Stephanie Besmehn
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“Portia shared her feelings and needs with Adrienne. This has given her more security and confidence. I can now be a better provider/friend and she feels loved and heard.”
-Edmond Benech
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“Since working with Adrienne, Pendo and Tamu have learned how to communicate better with each other, and they’ve become best friends. Even my husband, who was skeptical, credits Adrienne with these big changes. I’ve gained a better understanding of their emotional needs as well.”
-Deborah Blankenberg
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